Friday, June 1, 2012

The Judas Syndrome

This is my first ever review on the blog so I don't yet know how I'm am gonna do everything. But what I can tell you is that I won't be rating things, I'll try to give honest reviews of how I view whatever the thing is I'm reviewing. I will try to pick apart whatever it is that I am reviewing to get out the bad and the good. That being said I hope this helps people decide whether or not

So a little while ago I was contacted by Michael Poeltl to do a review of his The Judas Syndrome Trilogy. This is the first review of the first book for which the trilogy is called, The Judas Syndrome.
 The book center's around 14 collage age men and women that survive a nuclear apocalypse and are just trying to survive, while high and drunk of course. Along the way they are constantly attacked, have to deal with death of members both caused by enemies without and within. The book use's religion as a central theme for whats underlying everything, but doesn't do it in a way that goes down hard(this is what I am getting at least so far, it could be the I am wrong I'll need to read the other books to find out). If your really against religion you may or may not like the book, but I myself was able to read it without cringing(I'm a deist so ya)so I think most people will be able to as well. While I don't want to give any of the book away I will say that I found the book to be worth the read if your looking to add to your Post Apocalyptic or "PA" genre of books.

If your interested in the book here is the website for the series and I encourage you to take a look. Rebirth the second book in the series can be found here. I will be doing a review on it later on as well as the third book.

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