Monday, April 30, 2012

A Wasteland Tip

I thought I would try something new, it's not gonna be very big but it will be something that you might not have thought about.
This is something that I read about in one of Cody Lundins books, cotton balls coated in vaseline. I have a good amount in my bugout bag right now. What you do is coat the cotton ball with the vaseline doing your best not to tear it all up as you do so. You want to coat the outside but try to keep the inside free of vaseline so that you can tear it up and catch a spark with the cotton. All the ones I have I use to help start fires because the vaseline makes it last longer, and the cotton balls are soaked to the core and all smashed up in pill bottles. But they still work really well helping me start fire's. Anyways I though I would give this quick tip as it's always good to have extra ways to help start fires. This is a Wasteland Tip by your King of the Wastes!!

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