Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wrist computers are the future

A while ago I did a post on this subject originally on the PAE main site. I then posted it here on this blog with a little extra stuff added to it, but I had plan's to do another follow up post. Now I am sure at least some of you have heard of or played a game called Fallout, in the game there is a thing called a "Pip-Boy". This is a wrist computer used be the character that gives him everything he needs to know, such as his overall health, a map, radio, and the character's inventory, as well as other things that would be rather useful like a Geiger counter.

But in the real world today we are starting to see similar devices that while can't do everything that a pip-boy can(for now at least) are still something that if you can get one, you might want to jump on the chance. One such WC(wrist computer or wearable computer) is the Zypad W200. You can take the tour of the device here.
There is also the more rugged WR100. A version that could see military use, for which it would be perfect for. Imagine the soldier of tomorrow, armed not only with  a WR100 but also with exoskeletons as well as the cheetahbot and a laser rifle.

But there is more than just the Zypad WC out there right now. Currently General Dynamics has the GD300 and HP is developing once using it's flexi screen technologies.
Now of course we are some time away from these things reaching the public market(at least for some of them) so don't expect to be able to get one of these unless you have some connection's. When it does finally become a common item among the public, expect to see it have many consumer products all incorporated into it. The WR200 already has ports for usb and other things, but that really isn't all that much. Expect to see it have a wireless phone built it, with ports for sd memory cards and the like as well as GPS(already a feature along side bluetooth and wireless connections) and recording devices built in. When these do first come out they may look a little weird now, but remember that one day it is expected that the world will be like what is seen in the anime Ghost in Shell.

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