Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japan: Another reason to have a GOOD bag

As I am sure you are all aware about the events that have transpired in Japan I wont go into much detail about them other than to say what has happened so far. First there was the 8.9 quake, followed by the 30 foot tsunami, and now there is the problem with the nuclear reactors. These 3 things are prime examples by themselves of reasons to have a GOOD bag, but together they are a 6' 8 man in your face yelling at you to open your eyes and get ready for the future and all it's possible outcomes. Maybe you don't want to do it because you don't think anything bad could ever happen to you because you are special, but consider the fact that from the West Coast to the East Coast the threat of earthquakes is real. Then think about what happens every year in the Gulf and occasionally along the East Coast. Or look at the winter that just happened, the snow and rain that hit across the US. You need to prepare not only for yourself, but if you have family for them as well. When you read this start thinking up things you may need. Also be sure to read this post by Vault72 on what to have and where you can get it.

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