Saturday, July 21, 2012

Airship's to fly the skies?

Basically this guy want's to one day have Airship's flying around the world doing toe heavy lifting. Being able to carry 500 tons of goods would be very useful, if these are around after a collapse they could be very useful for rebuilding and traveling.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Drought Hits 55% of US

55% of the US is being hit by a drought that is the among the worst this century. What does this have to do with you? Well if your in the effected area it means that you will be hit by water rations. And later on this year it will mean we will all be paying more for corn and other produce. And currently it could mean meat prices mainly beef will go up for lack of feed.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

21st Recon

"21st Recon is a computer based role playing game with a focus on exploring a post-apocalyptic world. A post-apocalyptic world "feeds" from all the stories which are behind wrecks, old bones and abandoned ruins..."

A interesting idea for a post apocalyptic game, and he is trying to get the money to make it!!! So if your interested in it follow the link below and donate.

A Third Season For Falling Skies

Well TNT has decided that it can't drop Falling Skies, which is good for me and you since the setting is pretty damn awesome. Though I will say the acting could be a little better, still though its a great show!!!

Solar Storm Hitting Us NOW!!!

If your worried about solar storm then you had better read this now!!! Being lazy with the post but the jist of it is we are currently being hit by a solar storm, BUT FEAR NOT. It's unlikely to do much damage.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Drones, and your right to no privacy

It's the time of the drone, and quite frankly it scares the shit outta me as it should you. All you need to do is look at this video to realize these things are getting smaller and deadlier. We all know about the weaponized predator drone and the like.

And then theres talk of swarms of drones flying around watching us, and then theres the ones people can buy for $300 and use via their ipads or iphones or whatever. It's all leading to a lose of individual privacy to be sure, but it's not like most people seem to care anymore.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Z World Detroit

Someone's trying to start a zombie themed park in the ruined streets of Detroit. If you want to read more on it follow the link and if you want to help donate click on the picture!!!

Nuclear Union

I found out about this and thought I would share. Here is the info on the game to give you a taste. For more info follow the link at the bottom of the post.

"The USSR vs. USA faceoff known as the Cuban Missile Crisis was resolved by force in 1962 as the entire planet became involved in a nuclear war. With half of the Earth’s population dead, almost the entire planet surface became unfit for living due to radioactive contamination. However the Soviet Union was ready for such an outcome. The military machine had mobilized and was operating at full throttle sometime prior to the world catastrophe. The country underwent a full evacuation of the citizens, industrial facilities and companies of the utmost importance to a pre-built network of specially equipped bunkers.
50 years later. 2012… The fragments of the socialist empire that were hastily brought underground have gradually become a real state with its own capital, a city called Pobedograd. The key goals of the Nuclear Union used to be, and still are, the survival of the population and the restoration of an industrial base against the background of the aggressive environment.
The powerful Soviet empire even survived the end of days. Survived and continued to develop in an absolutely new and vulnerable world. This unusual story of unusual people starts here, underground, in Pobedograd.
The protagonist of Nuclear Union is a Soviet officer pilot who participated in the nuclear bombing of the USA. This past of his is nothing compared to what he is about to live through in this new dangerous world, bathed in the rays of merciless radiation.
It is common knowledge that anyone who’s about to face danger should always be holding a weapon in their hands. Experts of firearms will love the range of weaponry to fight enemies included in Nuclear Union. The arsenal of those who survived the nuclear apocalypse, and the decimation of the military complex, led to the best Soviet fire arms that never went into mass production being preserved in the Nuclear Union as operational prototypes. For instance, a three-barreled submachine gun TKB-059, AO-46 (aka “Soviet UZI”) for 5.45 mm bullets, and the TKB-022PM bullpup assault rifle.
You have lots of questions now Comrade. Be patient. And note that Pobedograd will stand regardless. It will survive because of you."

Thursday, July 5, 2012

This Is Why We Fight

This was posted on my boards the other at the PAEF. I thought I would help out and try to get some more people interested in it.
 The year is 2042; years of economic breakdown, government turmoil and anarchy have left a cold, desolate Winnipeg--barely standing. Trash litters the streets, electricity is limited by rolling blackouts and the sound of gunfire has become all too common. The only ones left alive in this harsh world are those who dominate the weak, and the ones smart enough to stay out of their way. Caleb Jacobs is such a man.  Producing moonshine and drugs out of his garage, Caleb survives and keeps the gang lords happy. Yet, despite his profession, Caleb believes himself to be a decent human being and lives by a strong set of morals.

One day Caleb finds a refugee named Naomi passed out from the cold in his driveway. Naomi is in search of a “better place”; a place Caleb gave up on long ago. Caleb lets her stay with him on the condition she helps him sell. On a sale to the local drug lord Davies Naomi tricks him into selling her a small boy, who she sees being passed around in the sex trade. Caleb names the seemingly mute boy “Pero”, and now has two people to care for. As for Davies? After being fooled in front of his crew, he is determined to regain his property and reputation. Will Caleb turn back to his survivalist ways? Or will he realize that just surviving is not truly living?"

If your interested be sure to donate some to help this become a full fledged movie.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Contest by Survival Gear

I figured I would post this to try to help them over at the survival gear blog. They are having a contest for gear yet again, for more info follow the link!!!

STALKER 2 ideas to be funneled into Survarium

So STALKER 2 has been canceled. But fear not STALKER fans, for the ideas and spirit that was going into it are going to be used to create a new mmofps by a newly made game studio. The game, Survarium, the new company, Vostok Games. It looks like it's going to be a interesting game, and that it may take place in more than just one country as well. I know I'm glad that I finally have computer that I can game on, as I will be getting this game for sure.