Thursday, July 5, 2012

This Is Why We Fight

This was posted on my boards the other at the PAEF. I thought I would help out and try to get some more people interested in it.
 The year is 2042; years of economic breakdown, government turmoil and anarchy have left a cold, desolate Winnipeg--barely standing. Trash litters the streets, electricity is limited by rolling blackouts and the sound of gunfire has become all too common. The only ones left alive in this harsh world are those who dominate the weak, and the ones smart enough to stay out of their way. Caleb Jacobs is such a man.  Producing moonshine and drugs out of his garage, Caleb survives and keeps the gang lords happy. Yet, despite his profession, Caleb believes himself to be a decent human being and lives by a strong set of morals.

One day Caleb finds a refugee named Naomi passed out from the cold in his driveway. Naomi is in search of a “better place”; a place Caleb gave up on long ago. Caleb lets her stay with him on the condition she helps him sell. On a sale to the local drug lord Davies Naomi tricks him into selling her a small boy, who she sees being passed around in the sex trade. Caleb names the seemingly mute boy “Pero”, and now has two people to care for. As for Davies? After being fooled in front of his crew, he is determined to regain his property and reputation. Will Caleb turn back to his survivalist ways? Or will he realize that just surviving is not truly living?"

If your interested be sure to donate some to help this become a full fledged movie.

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