Monday, June 27, 2011

Dust Of War

I found this on Post Apocalyptic Media, thought it was rather interesting I am making a post about it. Watch the trailer and read the story behind it.

"The Plot
In a post-apocalyptic American Frontier, a lone soldier fends off a brutal warmonger to rescue a girl fated as the savior of humanity. Our hero joins forces with a cynical veteran and a slimy thief to bring the girl to safety, encountering mysterious invaders and traveling showmen along the way.
The Look
Dust of War can be billed as a South Dakota flavored Mad Max, infused with the earthy textures of Dances With Wolves and the stark beauty of Ingmar Bergman’s The Seventh Seal. South Dakota’s savagely beautiful landscape will serve as the perfect backdrop to a classic action-adventure picture.
What does ‘Dust of War’ mean?
In a literal sense, it represents the settling dust of war itself, from the rubble and carnage to the bomb residue still lingering in the air. The more theoretical interpretation represents the spoils of our humanity."

Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Bugout Bag and Model 60

So I finally got the bugout bag that Vault72 won and gave to me(thanks man!) and I have been adding some stuff to it. I will get some pics soon of all of it so no need to worry.

Here is what I have in it now:
-aquamira filtered water bottle
-500 rounds of hunting and magnum pellets
-can/bottle opener
-notebooks with small map of US and its regions
-led flashlight with batteries
-survival sewing and repair kit
-spark-lite emergency fire starter
-kite string
-gun lock
-swiss army knife
-ultralight/ watertight Medical Kit
-2 toothbrush's
-Light My Fire fork knife spoon plastic thing
-pocket survival kit
-3 pencils
-diazepam injection
-potassium iodide 20 tablets
-counter to diazepam
-3 matchbooks
-1 piece of obsidian
-1 shoestring with fence fish hook
-4 snaplight light sticks
-50ft of nylon paracord
-3 tea candles
-maverick poker cards
That was the outer pockets now lets do the inner:
-pair of gloves
-1 plastic jif peanut butter jar
-50ft of rope
-wrist rocket slingshot with pistol grip thing
-2 rolls tp
-tube tent
-all purpose thermal blanket
-100ft soft brass wire
-small thermal blanket
-100 or so marbles for slingshot
-hunting shot steel bearing for slingshot
-100+ bb pellets
-4 water packets
-1 medical kit
-2400 emergency food ration
-screwdriver with multiple heads
I need to get a new pack and some smaller waist packs.
I also have a Marlin Model 60 and a 9 shot .22lr revolver.
With 50 stinger, 50 velecitor, 50 ratshot, 100 copper plated

This is my bag with my Model 60.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Yum, Radioactive Water!!

So apparently 48 nuclear power plants are leaking tritium, while this isn't so bad if your say swimming in contaminated water(though you should and I am about to explain why) if you ingest it or it gets in your body the beta waves that it produces....well lets just say you dont want that. Here is a link for more info if you are interested.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Download some documents!!!

OK so webs has recently made it possible for me to put up documents up on the main site. So that's what I will be doing, be sure to check out what is put up because I am sure you all will like them.

Frequency 2156

"Frequency 2156 is a community based Internet radio in which anyone can publish content. Content however has to follow the story of the radio. Every message sent to the radio will be moderated and only material which suits the storyline will be added to the radio.
For more information about the story and instructions

Frequency 2156 has been now up for about 3 months and we're still waiting for more radio messages.

And Now is just a great time to post your first radio message since we have started a Message Contest. Winners and lucky ones will be awarded with Frequency 2156 fan product (t-shirts, hoodies etc.) :)

More about contest:

Ok, I might be going too fast. What is the Frequency 2156?

Frequency 2156 is an internet radio where everyone can send content (community based). Frequency 2156 follows a post-apocalyptic story from the year 2156 which all content must follow. You can listen to the radio, which plays all the accepted messages or you can browse a Message World Map for single messages from various locations. You can also send a request for a radio message to your friends all around the world. And of course, you can send your own radio message as well.

and the story is..

People from the year 2156 have managed to build a time lapse feedback device which they can use to send a simple audio signal and HTML-markup site back to the past. The world in the year 2156 has been destroyed by twenty-year long nuclear/fusion war. Almost all the animals have died, almost every human being is dead. People who broadcast this radio from the future also broadcast the same radio in their time to collect data about the survivors. That is where you come to the picture. You are survivor in the year 2156 and you can send a message to the radio and back to the “past”.

Visit the site , come up with your unique radio message and upload it to the radio.

And of course, the site is still pretty young so if you have any improvement ideas, what's working and what is not etc.. Please tell us so we can make it work better.

Screenshots from Frequency 2156 site




Happy Surviving and hope to see your messages on the radio soon!!

- Miikka Asukas
Frequency 2156 Team"

I saw this in the forums and though I would post it to help someone out, be sure to check out the site.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Old World Blues Intro and Gameplay

If you can't get enough Fallout then check out these 2 new videos for Old World Blues.

RAGE Gameplay and Interview

I'm sure some of you are a psyched up as me about this Post Apocalyptic game currently being finished up by Id Software. A open world fps in a wasteland? WHAT COULD BE BETTER!??!?! Check out this link for the interview/gameplay.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

New Metro Last Light Trailer

Check out this new trailer on GameTrailers, looks just amazing. MLL looks to be the best game for 2012 so far for PA games(only one I know of so far....) and it just looks amazing, be sure to check out this trailer!!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Urban Danger

I found this while going though the internet, check it out.

Falling Skies - 5 minute sneak peek

Looks pretty good so take a look at the 5 minute sneak peek.

Dead Island

I was online looking at games, when I came across the gameplay trailer for Dead Island.  And boy, was I impressed. Why may you ask? This is a first person open world zombie game set in the Caribbean on a island that is swamped with the living dead and about to get hit by a storm. Quite frankly, that just sounds awesome to me. But I will leave it to you to decide, watch this video and judge for yourself.