Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Bugout Bag and Model 60

So I finally got the bugout bag that Vault72 won and gave to me(thanks man!) and I have been adding some stuff to it. I will get some pics soon of all of it so no need to worry.

Here is what I have in it now:
-aquamira filtered water bottle
-500 rounds of hunting and magnum pellets
-can/bottle opener
-notebooks with small map of US and its regions
-led flashlight with batteries
-survival sewing and repair kit
-spark-lite emergency fire starter
-kite string
-gun lock
-swiss army knife
-ultralight/ watertight Medical Kit
-2 toothbrush's
-Light My Fire fork knife spoon plastic thing
-pocket survival kit
-3 pencils
-diazepam injection
-potassium iodide 20 tablets
-counter to diazepam
-3 matchbooks
-1 piece of obsidian
-1 shoestring with fence fish hook
-4 snaplight light sticks
-50ft of nylon paracord
-3 tea candles
-maverick poker cards
That was the outer pockets now lets do the inner:
-pair of gloves
-1 plastic jif peanut butter jar
-50ft of rope
-wrist rocket slingshot with pistol grip thing
-2 rolls tp
-tube tent
-all purpose thermal blanket
-100ft soft brass wire
-small thermal blanket
-100 or so marbles for slingshot
-hunting shot steel bearing for slingshot
-100+ bb pellets
-4 water packets
-1 medical kit
-2400 emergency food ration
-screwdriver with multiple heads
I need to get a new pack and some smaller waist packs.
I also have a Marlin Model 60 and a 9 shot .22lr revolver.
With 50 stinger, 50 velecitor, 50 ratshot, 100 copper plated

This is my bag with my Model 60.

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