Wednesday, September 28, 2011

GRA Weapons, Ammo, Mods and Perks

I thought I would post this for those of you that enjoy Fallout: New Vegas and want info on the Gun Runners Aresenal DLC.

Mad Bomber

MFC Clusters
MFC Grenade
Fat Mine
Tin Grenades
Nuka Grenades
Cleanseing Flame
MF Hyperbreeder Alpha
Sprtel-Wood 9700
The Smitty Special
Battle Rifle
5.56 Pistol
Nuka Breaker
Li'l Devil
GRA Chainsaw
GRA Laser Pistol
GRA Plasma Pistol
GRA Plasma Defender
GRA Tri-Beam Laser Rifle
GRA 12.7mm SMG
GRA Anti-Material Rifle
GRA Hunting Revolver
GRA Assault Carbine
GRA Fat Man
GRA Baseball Bat
25mm Grenade APW
Medicine Stick
GRA Power Fist
GRA Ripper
Two-Step Goodbye
Embrace of the Mantis King!
Greased Lighting
Time Bomb High Yield

Laser Pistol Mods: Combats Sights, Focus Optics. Recyler
Plasma Pistol: High-Energy Ionizer, Magnetic Accelerator, Recycler
Tri-Beam Laser Rifle: Focus Optics, HD Capacitors, High-Capacity Terminal
Plasma Defender: High-Capacity Terminal, Sheath Stabilizer, Scope
12.7mm SMG: Laser Sight, Stacked Magazine, Silencer
Hunting Revolver: Match Barrel, Six Shot Cylinder
Anti-Materiel Rifle:Suppressor, Carbon Fiber Parts, Custom Bolt
Assault Carbine: Forged Receiver, Extended Mags, Light Bolt
Chainsaw: Chainsaw Alloy Frame, Chainsaw Carbide Teeth
Power Fist: Ported Chambers
Ripper: HD Chain
Baseball Bat: Nails, Cork Core, Maple Body
Katana: Authentic Blade, Balanced Grip, Protective Sheath

.50MG Explosive
20 Ga. 3/0 Buck
20 Ga. 3/0 Buck Magnum
12 Ga. 4/0 Buck
12 Ga. 4/0 Buck Magnum
20 Ga. Pulse Slugs
12. Ga Pulse Slugs
12 Ga. Dragon’s Breath
Hive Missiles
25mm Plasma Grenades
40mm Plasma Grenades
Optimized Small Energy
Optimized Electron Charge Packs
Optimized Microfusion Cells
Optimized Flamer Fuel
5.56mm Match
5mm JSP
9mm JHP
12.7mm JHP
25mm Pulse
25mmPlasma Grenades
40mmPlasma Grenades
40mm Pulse
12 Ga. Flechette
Tiny Tots
Low Yield
Mini-Nuke Timed
Big Kid
Timed 25mm grenades
25mm Plasma Grenades
25mm Pulse Grenades
25mm High Explosive

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