Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Kings Bugout Bag

So I finally got the stuff that I ordered from the Sportsman Guide. A chamber insert for my Mosin Nagant and my pack. Here is what I put in it and my loaded pack with Mosin. The pack i got fits great one me and I can hardly feel the weight of the pack when walking. If your interested in the pack here is a link to it at the Sportsman Guide website where I got it.

The original pack I gave to my brother for school to save money.
Some of the contents that is in the pack right now.
-aquamira filtered water bottle
-1450 rounds of hunting and magnum pellets
-can/bottle opener
-notebooks with small map of US and its regions
-led flashlight with batteries
-survival sewing and repair kit
-spark-lite emergency fire starter
-kite string
-gun lock
-swiss army knife
-ultralight/ watertight Medical Kit
-2 toothbrush's
-Light My Fire fork knife spoon plastic thing
-pocket survival kit
-3 pencils
-diazepam injection
-potassium iodide 20 tablets
-counter to diazepam

-1 shoestring with fence fish hook
-4 snaplight light sticks
-nylon paracord
-tea candles
-maverick poker cards
-pair of gloves
-1 plastic jif peanut butter jar
-50ft of rope
-wrist rocket slingshot with pistol grip thing
-2 rolls tp
-tube tent
-all purpose thermal blanket
-100ft soft brass wire
-small thermal blanket
-100 or so marbles for slingshot
-hunting shot steel bearing for slingshot
-100+ bb pellets
-4 water packets
-1 medical kit
-2400 emergency food ration

-12 top ramen
-bag of dryer lint
I also have a Marlin Model 60, Mosin Nagant m91/30, and a 9 shot .22lr revolver.
With 50 stinger, 50 velecitor, 50 ratshot, 100 copper plated

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  1. Hi there nice Idea for a bag. Have you tried to do a 10k hike with all of that stuff? My advice is have all of the larger weapons and ammo already onsite at your bug out location. Your pack should not be so heavy that you can not move with ease or excessive noise. That m9130 although a solid weapon Is quite a hunk to be carrying with all its ammo. A .22 with ammo would be a good choice bearing in mind that avoidance of contact minimises individual risk the army (escape and evasion field manual) is worth a read.