Sunday, April 24, 2011

Honest Hearts New Vegas DLC

So it seems that the next dlc will revolve around the Burned Man who's name is Joshua Graham. The man that was Ceaser's first legate and that man that lost the first battle for Hoover Dam. Ceaser ordered him doused in pitch, set on fire, and thrown into the Grand Canyon. It is likely that the dlc will use the Northern Passage as the portal for the dlc which will likely take place in Utah and include the city of New Canaan. It may also be that the Crimson Caravan will make a appearance there as well as it is talked about them trying to trade with the Mormons of New Canaan. It is also likely that as with these first 2 dlc's, there are hints to the rest of the dlc that will be coming out, so be sure to look around!!!

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