Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Vegas DLC hint

If you have a 360 then bought New Vegas for it then you are among those that then bought the Dead Money dlc then you may have heard about another courier. If you also got one of the CE New Vegas games then you also have a card deck, and in the deck is a few people that you may not remember in the game. Ulysses is one of those cards(look at pic). During the DLC while you are talking to Christine you can ask stuff about her, about how she got her scars. She will tell you about the Big Empty and about a courier that saved her. This courier is searching for another courier, you. There can be no doubt that Ulysses is the courier in question because she talks about the courier that saved her having a flag of the old republic on his back. A flag on the back of a man that appears in the card deck with the name Ulysses, and after talking to Christine you also get 1 out 5 for a challenge about your past. So this leads me to the conclusion that in fact there will be more dlc(possibly even 4 more dlc who knows?) that will take you around either looking for Ulysses or being found by him. I personally hope that these future dlc are better than Dead Money and add more cobbled together stuff like the holorifle, but that comes from a man that loved Metro 2033.

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