Friday, October 22, 2010

Post Apoclayptic Games Today

Well Im sure some of you have heard about Fallout. Well there is a new Fallout game that just came out called New Vegas. New Vegas takes place in, where else, Las Vegas. Though the game is plagued with many glitches, bugs, and everything ulse under the digital sun. It is a vast improvement upon the game directly before it made by Bethesda(you may now it as a little game called Fallout 3). Though the map is smaller if you look at it from your Pip-Boy, when you are actually playing it does seem to be a lot bigger. Though the strip is extremely small compared to the DC Ruins, you wont really care as you can just explore the outer areas of Vegas and the surrounding Wasteland. Though this game is great there are downsides other than the problems already listed. When Obsidian first announced that gun mods would be in the game they said that all guns would have a mod, and that they would be interchangeable. Now though, it would seem that Obsidian decided against that. Will some guns have mods, others dont. And some of the ones that dont would have been better if they did have them, as well as some that do have mods would have been better if they had had more types for them. All in all this is a great game, and one that you can do so much in, but the graphics burps, framerate, bugs, glitches, and a few holes in the games have put people off and currently Bethesda and Obsidian have apologized for that and already have to updates out for the PC and XBOX 360 with another coming out for the PS3. This is a great game to add to your PA game collection, and I hope to see a lot of what has been put into this game transfer over to Fallout 4 and other games as well. With obvious improvements to them  of course!!

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