Wednesday, September 26, 2012


"Rebirth is a continuation of the popular post-apocalyptic tale that one Facebook reviewer called a stark and uncompromising vision of the future of our world.

Narrated by Joel’s girlfriend Sara, it is a story of survival, betrayal, and hope. After giving birth to their son, whose evident purpose is to fulfill the destiny that Joel had forsaken, Sara realizes that her home is no longer a haven."

Rebirth was a interesting book to say the least. It attempts to blend religions for the purpose of the book and at first it doesn't seem to do it. As time goes on though it begins to feel a lot more fluid. I quite enjoyed the book as it builds upon the previous book and makes it so you want to read the next. If you thought the first was a little boring it's likely you may find the second a little as well, but the main story is still building up so that I think is ok. I'm sorry I didn't get this post out 2 months ago like I thought I would, but I just have kept putting it off as I tend to do. Hopefully I won't do that with the third book, till then be sure to read my other post's.

Going to Wasteland Weekend

I will be attending this years Wasteland Weekend, while there I will be taking pictures and maybe some video's as well. I am going with Fear Death by Water from Cozy Catastrophe and Vault 72 over at  The Prepared Citizens Wasteland Survival Guide as well as this very blog. I hope to have a good time with friends and make some new ones. See you after!!!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Revolution First Episode

If your interested is seeing the first episode of Revolution before it air's then follow this link for a 2 week before peek of the show. It's a interesting thing even if it all doesn't make much sense.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Preparedness Network Radio

I found this today and thought I would share. It's a prepper podcast that I think if your interested in prepping you should take a ear to.